Clean Air (No. 3) Bill 2017-19

The Bill failed to complete its passage through Parliament before the end of the session. This means the Bill will make no further progress. establish a right to breathe clean air; to make provision about reducing air pollution; to require the Secretary of State to set, measure, and report on air quality targets; to establish the National Clean Air Agency to enforce air quality targets; to make provision for the development of sustainable public, private and commercial transport by road, rail, air and sea; to restrict the use of polluting vehicles in urban areas; to prohibit the sale of new petrol- and diesel-powered vehicles from no later than 2030; to make it an offence to remove permanently devices that reduce vehicle emissions; to make requirements regarding indoor air quality; and for connected purposes.

Private Members' Bill (Presentation Bill)

Sponsor: Geraint Davies (LAB)

Supporters: Kerry McCarthy (LAB), Wera Hobhouse (LDEM), Neil Parish (CON), Janet Daby (LAB), John McNally (SNP), Chris Evans (LAB), Jonathan Edwards (PC), Rosie Duffield (LAB), Mr Ben Bradshaw (LAB), Neil Coyle (LAB)

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Next Event: There is no future stage currently scheduled for this bill

Last Event: 2 Oct 2019 - 1st reading: House of Commons (no debate)

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Commons - 20%

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3 Oct 2019 Bills HCB438 2017-19, as introduced

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03/10/2019Bills HCB438 2017-19, as introduced
02/10/2019 1st reading: House of Commons