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Commons Chamber
Business of the House - Thu 15 Apr 2021
Leader of the House

1: Yes, they should get the experience of both places—the private sector and the civil service—but not at - Link
2: Gentleman raises a difficult issue of privacy in public spaces. - Link
3: Friend find time for a debate on support for the personal care sector? - Link
4: Friend is right to raise the needs of the personal care sector, which is a very significant employer - Link
5: Recruitment in the NHS is very important, and we will employ 50,000 more nurses and 6,000 more doctors - Link
6: Had we left it to the Welsh Government and the public sector in Wales, only 36% of tests would have been - Link

Commons Chamber
Strength of the UK’s Armed Forces - Wed 14 Apr 2021
Ministry of Defence

1: He may take the pledges that he makes to our armed forces and the public lightly; we do not. - Link
2: It is an expensive mess that does nothing for recruitment. - Link
3: General Austin’s public message in London is likely to be: “Well done on the integrated review. - Link
4: military personnel put their families through more separation, relocation and danger than any other public - Link
5: be built on the Clyde, and providing jobs across the country in our world-leading defence industry sector - Link
6: The skills lost owing to job losses in this sector will take many years to rebuild. - Link
7: It means addressing the recommendations of the recent Public Accounts Committee report and having robust - Link
8: delivering a pay and career review to ensure military careers are as competitive as those in the private sector - Link

Commons Chamber
Oral Answers to Questions - Tue 13 Apr 2021
Department of Health and Social Care

1: Will the Minister commit to a public awareness campaign, including groups such as Compassion in Dying - Link
2: We have posted a public-facing message on the nhs.uk website, which informs the public about how DNACPR - Link
3: working in social care to develop their careers, with a real career progression in working in that sector - Link
4: If that is the case, will she commit to permanently enshrining these improvements across the sector to - Link
5: 50,000 over this Parliament through improving retention and increasing domestic supply and international recruitment - Link
6: As public focus inevitably turns towards the NHS backlog, can Ministers assure me that they will work - Link
7: three weeks ago, the Prime Minister confirmed that there would be a 10-year plan for the social care sector - Link

Commons Chamber
Finance (No. 2) Bill - Tue 13 Apr 2021
HM Treasury

1: The broader bioscience sector includes not just pharmaceuticals but the bioeconomy sector of food, medicine - Link
2: My example in relation to the health sector, and in particular the palliative care sector, is - Link
3: These can be a catalyst for private sector investment. - Link
4: In particular, the cultural sector, the travel sector and the live events and exhibitions sector have - Link
5: sector, and boosted their profits. - Link
6: We are enabling the private sector to build back better. - Link
7: recommending or passing on contractors, and even the provision of fitted kitchens and holidays for recruitment - Link
8: to be the worst-affected sector in 2021. - Link
9: realm—the public square—to make it more resilient in the future. - Link

Public Bill Committees
Armed Forces Bill (Second sitting) - Wed 31 Mar 2021
Cabinet Office

1: be impressed by the knowledge, dedication and positivity of those who work in the military charity sector - Link
2: The Government have a clear role when it comes to pay across the public sector. - Link
3: personnel have left service, they rely on the NHS and local authorities, and of course the UK’s third sector - Link
4: The third sector does amazing stuff in this field, but some organisations will not treat people until - Link
5: The wage cap in the public sector was argued for on the basis of austerity, but I would argue that members - Link
6: sector employees, and an assessment of whether service personnel experience financial disadvantage because - Link
7: It also poses a fundamental risk to recruitment, retention and morale. - Link
8: that we have been fully briefed and prepared for the Bill, as well as the representatives of all the sector - Link

Written Statements
Civil Service Delegated Pay Remit Guidance - Thu 25 Mar 2021
Cabinet Office

1: the civil service, including Departments, non-ministerial departments and agencies, as well as for public - Link

Public Bill Committees
Armed Forces Bill (First sitting) - Thu 25 Mar 2021
Cabinet Office

1: The new duty will apply where particular types of public body are exercising certain of their public - Link
2: bodies and public functions would be covered in the new areas. - Link
3: and through the Covenant Reference Group, which includes external partners from the service charity sector - Link
4: sector, and—almost uniquely—is non-contributory. - Link
5: The UN convention on the rights of the child has urged the UK to increase its minimum recruitment age - Link
6: There is no compulsory recruitment into the armed forces. - Link

Written Statements
Specialty and Associate Doctors’ Contract Agreement - Wed 24 Mar 2021
Department of Health and Social Care

1: Public sector pay must deliver value for money for the taxpayer and this agreement commits investment - Link

Commons Chamber
Oral Answers to Questions - Wed 24 Mar 2021
Cabinet Office

1: Minister for Crime and Policing will also hold a summit with police, the violence against women and girls sector - Link
2: That should include fair recruitment processes, the promotion of alumni networks that ensure skill retention - Link
3: been extended to 26 March, and it is vital that we hear from women everywhere, especially given recent public - Link
4: treat us equally, with video-conferencing and photo-sharing apps that do not recognise black faces, recruitment - Link
5: As soon as restrictions lift, there must be a full public inquiry, because that is the only way we can - Link
6: doing the right thing, he will avoid a dual mandate and a separate by-election that would cost the public - Link
7: Will the Prime Minister today commit to launching a full public inquiry into the handling of the pandemic - Link
8: What are they—are they worth less than the general public? - Link
9: fairer funding and the Government’s levelling-up agenda so that it can continue to deliver excellent public - Link

Commons Chamber
Covid-19: Hospitality Industry - Wed 24 Mar 2021
Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

1: of all businesses being in the hospitality sector. - Link
2: However, recruitment and retention remain a challenge. - Link
3: Well, hospitality sector—get ready! - Link
4: It has been the most difficult year for a sector that demands so much of our public joy. - Link
5: It was important last autumn, when businesses in Scotland tried to close due to public health reasons - Link
6: lockdown and the “whatever it takes” mantra, but we have seen economic support increasingly diverge from public - Link
7: public confidence and kickstarting the recovery as we see the road map to recovery. - Link

Lords Chamber
Financial Services Bill - Wed 24 Mar 2021
Leader of the House

1: That is a public health issue. - Link
2: The public become aware that there is some deficiency in the regulator and therefore action has to be - Link
3: The FCA does not welcome public scrutiny. - Link
4: This affects our fundamental economy and the capacity of a Government to deliver on public services, - Link
5: pleased when, in the letters that were referred to earlier, the chief executive of the FCA set out his recruitment - Link
6: Would that we could see the financial sector adopting that principle. - Link
7: on how the sector can support biodiversity goals. - Link
8: However, we have reliable data for the online gaming and gambling sector. - Link
9: It is a cost to the public good. - Link

Westminster Hall
NHS Pay - Wed 24 Mar 2021
Department of Health and Social Care

1: People who know me and have listened to any of my previous contributions on the public sector will know - Link
2: Workers across the public sector have faced unprecedented challenges during the pandemic, and - Link
3: The Government’s policy right across the public sector should be fair pay for fair work. - Link

Commons Chamber
Advanced Research and Invention Agency Bill - Tue 23 Mar 2021
Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

1: When it comes to public money, public trust is of paramount importance. - Link
2: We know that public sector research informs and improves private innovation, while generating revenue - Link
3: ARIA will help tackle one of the main obstacles of innovation in the public sector, which is that in - Link
4: Friend the Member for Rugby asked about recruitment and ARIA’s culture. - Link

Westminster Hall
Outer London Congestion Charge - Tue 23 Mar 2021
Department for Transport

1: A common concern has been the impact it would have on teacher recruitment and retention. - Link
2: That is not to mention the hit that it could have on the economy and our public services. - Link
3: I am proud of Sadiq Khan’s record on public transport over the past five years. - Link
4: sector from 2010, were also applied to Transport for London, literally robbing our country’s transport - Link
5: Car drivers also walk, cycle and use public transport, so they pay into the public transport system. - Link
6: If this policy is implemented, I wish businesses and public sector organisations in the outer - Link

Commons Chamber
Oral Answers to Questions - Mon 22 Mar 2021
Home Office

1: the size of the safer streets fund, which will go towards neighbourhood measures designed to improve public - Link
2: It is a fact that they are a vital lifeline to protect communities and the public. - Link
3: But there is a fundamental point here: in having people join that consultation, that public survey, we - Link
4: meetings with the Northern Ireland Housing Executive, Belfast City Council, the voluntary and communities sector - Link
5: facility—essentially a category C prison—with around 80 females detained for as short a time as possible, and that recruitment - Link
6: Ahead of that recruitment drive, we already have 6,620 more police officers. The hon. - Link
7: However, the inspection report reveals that Public Health England had advised that opening - Link
8: Our exceptional and brave police officers put themselves in harm’s way to protect the public. - Link