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Lords Chamber
Future UK-EU Relationship on Professional and Business Services (EU Committee Report) - Thu 22 Jul 2021
Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

1: engagements, we have established that some touring activities are possible without visas or work permits - Link
2: Secondly, a combination of Covid and new rules restricting travel to the UK for artists and creative - Link
3: integrated a system of transfer of professionals as the Immigration Rules would permit. - Link
4: and work permit routes in EU member states and an interactive tool that can be used to find which reservations - Link

Lords Chamber
Queen’s Speech - Tue 18 May 2021
Ministry of Justice

1: us that there was no mention in the Queen’s Speech of reciprocal, visa-free travel and work for UK and - Link
2: free speech, are also bringing in a Bill designed to criminalise and ban free speech and the right to - Link
3: So what of these artists? - Link
4: We wanted a commitment from the Government for a strong and wide-ranging anti-fraud measure to - Link
5: The noble Lord, Lord Paddick, rightly drew attention to the lack of support for artists and musicians - Link
6: a wide range of issues including both physical and mental health—physical protection and support for - Link

Lords Chamber
EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement - Fri 08 Jan 2021
Cabinet Office

1: for touring performers and crews. - Link
2: For example, the ability for our tech start-up community to access talent from Europe and the touring - Link
3: Professionals will find it harder to work in Europe, as qualifications will no longer be automatically - Link
4: of touring musicians and other artists lies with the EU betrays a regrettable blame game. - Link
5: visas, yet there are no reciprocal arrangements for touring artists to move freely. - Link
6: of the need for a work permit for each country they visit, complex and expensive customs arrangements - Link
7: explicitly allowed to work short term without a work permit? - Link
8: The agreement features wide-ranging provisions on technical barriers to trade that seek to facilitate - Link

Commons Chamber
European Union (Future Relationship) Bill - Wed 30 Dec 2020
Cabinet Office

1: I seek your clarification. - Link
2: is no proper recognition of professional qualifications and they will remove work permit-free access - Link
3: the Government to do everything possible to secure a cultural work permit that provides visa-free travel - Link
4: Europe must work together. - Link
5: existing arrangements for artists from non-visa countries, such as the United States and Canada—a temporary - Link
6: size of the UK, and the opportunity for young people to travel, live and work throughout Europe, and - Link
7: It allows visa-free travel for holiday makers, and in the more niche areas of exporting, such as organic - Link

Lords Chamber
European Union (Future Relationship) Bill - Wed 30 Dec 2020
Cabinet Office

1: and study together, to industrial and service provision, where Europe-wide businesses will flourish - Link
2: Mutual recognition for cultural professionals, musicians, actors and artists is left out of the - Link
3: They will all suffer unless the Government institute a visa-free cultural work passport—I put this to - Link
4: hundred million workers from around the world would qualify for a work permit. - Link
5: We can look in vain for anything that helps our touring artists, particularly musicians, actors - Link
6: Those who are performing artists will no longer have permit-free access across the EU, and newly qualified - Link
7: In addition, there should be visa-free cultural work passports to cover the whole of the EU in one document - Link
8: short-term work for artists? - Link

Lords Chamber
Brexit: Movement of People in the Cultural Sector (European Union Committee Report) - Wed 15 May 2019
Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport

1: The first recommendation was that the Government should seek an EU-wide, multi-entry, short-term touring - Link
2: practical would be the introduction of an EU-wide, multi-entry, short-term touring visa, with a reciprocal - Link
3: be a multi-country, multi-entry touring visa for musicians, valid for at least two years and matched - Link
4: touring visa for citizens and make a reciprocal commitment for EU citizens. - Link
5: The White Paper speaks of a desire for visa-free movement for tourism and temporary businesses. - Link
6: to an EU-wide, multicountry, multi-entry short-term touring visa for UK citizens. - Link
7: paid engagement rules or permit-free festival arrangements. - Link

Lords Chamber
Brexit: Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration - Thu 10 Jan 2019
Department for Exiting the European Union

1: the work for a positive and prosperity-driven relationship between the UK and our friends in Europe. - Link
2: researchers moving across borders to live and work, or for short-term travel for shared projects such - Link
3: to Harold Macmillan both for the wind of change and everything on Europe. - Link
4: Crucially, the creative industries rely on people’s ability to move freely across Europe, to work and - Link
5: We could seek to defer the deadline and set a new date. - Link
6: Plan B surely cannot be no deal, which would be a recipe for chaos across a wide range of this - Link
7: “Will I be able to continue working Europe-wide? - Link
8: to what we are about, with much more competence and detail than broad debates permit. - Link

Lords Chamber
Arts: Impact of Brexit - Thu 11 Oct 2018
No Department present

1: technical support staff, as well as educators, musicians, health professionals and a wide supply chain - Link
2: The ability to work and travel across Europe without the need for visas has both facilitated and fuelled - Link
3: Touring Europe is an essential part of many British artists’ incomes made possible by freedom of movement - Link
4: They are asking for specific arrangements allowing artists, cultural and creative industries professionals - Link
5: is by far the most pressing concern for artists and those who work in the arts, followed by concerns - Link
6: I accept what the noble Baroness, Lady Hooper, called for—a reciprocal short-term touring visa—but - Link

Lords Chamber
European Union (Withdrawal) Bill - Wed 14 Mar 2018
Department for Exiting the European Union

1: , and to make it work for both the UK and the EU. - Link
2: I can find faults with them, but they work across Europe. - Link
3: As #FreeMoveCreate says, the time taken to secure a visa is lost work, and if every three months, for - Link
4: How does it affect our artistic, sporting and other professionals, who are currently able to work across - Link
5: That is how our professionals work. But they can do that only if the recognition is there. - Link
6: disregard it or work around it—and nor, of course, would it be desirable for them to seek to do so. - Link
7: In order to pay tribute to the wide-ranging debate, I hope noble Lords will be patient as I seek to set - Link

Lords Chamber
Brexit: Creative Industries - Thu 19 Jan 2017
No Department present

1: Despite the need for creative subjects for a wide range of careers within and beyond the creative industries - Link
2: I will concentrate my remarks on the principle of free movement as it affects artists and performers - Link
3: I think not if our post-study work visa system remains so inflexible. - Link
4: Welsh artists and arts organisations in a wide range of cultural activity, whose livelihoods depend - Link
5: work on productions around Europe. - Link
6: touring the EU, and for British venues wanting to showcase non-UK EU nationals. - Link
7: EU quotas; work permit and visa problems for cast and crews; and the loss of a seat at the table where - Link
8: and Lord Foster, the free movement of people to work and travel across Europe without the need for visas - Link
9: example for UK companies touring abroad and for UK venues that regularly showcase European and international - Link