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To promote the economic, supply chain and energy security benefits from the development of marine energy resources in and around the UK.

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Recent Documents related to Marine Energy

1. Marine Energy Pembrokeshire - written evidence
13/09/2018 - Inquiry: Renewable energy in Wales - Welsh Affairs Committee
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Found: Written evidence - Marine Energy PembrokeshireWritten evidence submitted by Marine Energy Pembrokeshire (REW0030) Welsh

2. AMEP Marine Energy Park variation 2
11/05/2020 - Marine Management Organisation (MMO)
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Found: AMEP Marine Energy Park variation 2 Further details of the development for ABLE Marine Energy Park

3. Potential of marine energy projects in Great Britain: call for evidence
28/08/2020 - Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy
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Found: August 2020 Marine energy A call for evidence on the potential of marine energy projects in Great

4. Ilfracombe Harbour Revision Order
11/04/2019 - Marine Management Organisation (MMO)
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Found: of 5 The Marine and Coastal Access Act (MCAA) (2009): Section 126 Marine Conservation Zone

5. Marine Planning: Iteration 3 engagement for the north east, north west, south east and south west marine plan areas
03/09/2020 - Marine Management Organisation (MMO)
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Found: The vision for the south east marine plan area in 2041. As a prosperous international gateway, a diverse

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Recent Speeches related to Marine Energy

1. Marine Renewables: Government Support for Commercial Roll-out
08/12/2020 - Westminster Hall

1: Government support for the commercial roll-out of marine renewables.It is a pleasure to be here in - Speech Link
2: rising and setting? Projects such as the tidal energy generator in Strangford lough, which is a pilot - Speech Link
3: chairman of the all-party parliamentary group on marine energy and tidal lagoons. As he and the hon. Member - Speech Link

2. Offshore Wind Farms: Unexploded Ordnance
17/03/2021 - Westminster Hall

1: moved—safe for humans, perhaps, but devastating for marine life. Due to the greater penetration of sound underwater - Speech Link
2: exponential growth brings challenges with it. Our marine environment is an extremely sensitive and precious - Speech Link

3. Constitutional Law
10/04/2019 - Commons Chamber

1: for investors. In this case, which pertains to energy installations, it can deliver benefits for the - Speech Link
2: location is based on where the turbine or renewable energy is located, rather than the company, the licence - Speech Link
3: impact assessment regulatory functions connected to energy consent within the Scottish part of the REZ are - Speech Link

4. Energy Policy
25/06/2018 - Commons Chamber

1: proposed Swansea Bay tidal lagoon.Britain’s energy policy on electricity generation is based on meeting - Speech Link
2: pressIt emerged in a joint hearing of the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee and Welsh Affairs - Speech Link
3: working people and businesses have to pay for their energy is a matter of complete indifference to him. Is - Speech Link

5. Oral Answers to Questions
19/03/2019 - Commons Chamber

1: inform such a decision. I hope that the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee, which the hon - Speech Link
2: to talk to outsourced Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy workers from the Public - Speech Link
3: that to become part of the supply chain of the energy estuary’s burgeoning offshore wind sector? - Speech Link

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Recent Questions related to Marine Energy
1. Marine Environment
asked by: Stephen Doughty
... ahead of COP26.

2. Marine Environment
asked by: Stephen Morgan
... what steps his Department is taking to protect oceans as part of work to tackle the climate emergency.

3. Marine Environment
asked by: Royston Smith
... what steps the Government is taking to protect marine life in the UK; and what steps the Government is taking with (a) counterparts in other countries and (b) representatives of marine life organisations to protect oceans around the world.

4. Marine Environment
asked by: Deidre Brock
... what estimate he has made of the at-sea and aerial capability that will be required for marine control and enforcement after the UK leaves the EU.

5. Marine Environment
asked by: Jo Swinson
... whether the Government plans to sign up to the Blue Belt Charter.

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