All Debators for the Business and Planning Act 2020 - Government Bill

None Lord Greenhalgh (View contribution) 9576 words Earl Howe (View contribution) 7813 words Baroness Pinnock (View contribution) 5761 words Lord Kennedy of Southwark (View contribution) 5700 words Lord Balfe (View contribution) 5316 words Baroness Bowles of Berkhamsted (View contribution) 4210 words Baroness Wilcox of Newport (View contribution) 4110 words Lord Holmes of Richmond (View contribution) 4107 words Baroness Penn (View contribution) 4038 words Baroness Williams of Trafford (View contribution) 3857 words Lord Stevenson of Balmacara (View contribution) 3851 words Baroness Neville-Rolfe (View contribution) 3168 words Baroness McIntosh of Pickering (View contribution) 3046 words Lord Hain (View contribution) 3041 words Baroness Kramer (View contribution) 2982 words Baroness Doocey (View contribution) 2780 words Lord Sheikh (View contribution) 2774 words Lord German (View contribution) 2762 words Lord Lansley (View contribution) 2693 words Lord Clement-Jones (View contribution) 2622 words Lord Blencathra (View contribution) 2412 words Baroness Northover (View contribution) 2408 words Lord Harris of Haringey (View contribution) 2163 words Lord Adonis (View contribution) 2077 words The Earl of Clancarty (View contribution) 2071 words Baroness Uddin (View contribution) 2061 words Baroness Jones of Moulsecoomb (View contribution) 2030 words Lord Shipley (View contribution) 2014 words Lord Paddick (View contribution) 1942 words Lord Carlile of Berriew (View contribution) 1771 words Lord Addington (View contribution) 1580 words Lord Naseby (View contribution) 1513 words Lord Young of Cookham (View contribution) 1457 words Lord Campbell of Pittenweem (View contribution) 1381 words Lord Cormack (View contribution) 1366 words Baroness Noakes (View contribution) 1297 words Baroness Kennedy of Cradley (View contribution) 1268 words Lord Bourne of Aberystwyth (View contribution) 1225 words Lord Low of Dalston (View contribution) 1209 words Lord Faulkner of Worcester (View contribution) 1199 words Baroness Anelay of St Johns (View contribution) 1146 words Baroness Grey-Thompson (View contribution) 1145 words Lord Hayward (View contribution) 1145 words Lord Blunkett (View contribution) 1096 words Baroness Thornhill (View contribution) 1052 words Baroness Vere of Norbiton (View contribution) 1040 words Lord McConnell of Glenscorrodale (View contribution) 1032 words Lord Hunt of Wirral (View contribution) 1000 words Lord Kirkhope of Harrogate (View contribution) 980 words Lord Randall of Uxbridge (View contribution) 952 words Baroness Ritchie of Downpatrick (View contribution) 901 words Lord Lucas (View contribution) 900 words Baroness Henig (View contribution) 830 words Lord Berkeley (View contribution) 828 words Lord Hendy (View contribution) 792 words Baroness Stowell of Beeston (View contribution) 792 words Baroness Falkner of Margravine (View contribution) 784 words Lord Bilimoria (View contribution) 740 words Baroness Garden of Frognal (View contribution) 736 words The Earl of Shrewsbury (View contribution) 729 words Baroness Andrews (View contribution) 683 words Lord Rennard (View contribution) 662 words Baroness Altmann (View contribution) 662 words Lord Whitty (View contribution) 646 words Lord Russell of Liverpool (View contribution) 643 words Lord Wei (View contribution) 611 words Lord Redesdale (View contribution) 557 words Lord Inglewood (View contribution) 550 words Baroness Eaton (View contribution) 539 words Baroness Meacher (View contribution) 528 words Baroness Finlay of Llandaff (View contribution) 525 words Baroness Randerson (View contribution) 501 words Lord Robathan (View contribution) 499 words Lord Mann (View contribution) 498 words Lord Bhatia (View contribution) 491 words Lord Campbell-Savours (View contribution) 478 words Lord Moynihan (View contribution) 463 words Lord Hunt of Kings Heath (View contribution) 437 words Lord Monks (View contribution) 436 words Baroness Sheehan (View contribution) 391 words Lord St John of Bletso (View contribution) 381 words Lord Best (View contribution) 377 words Lord Ribeiro (View contribution) 351 words Earl Attlee (View contribution) 349 words Lord Beith (View contribution) 332 words Lord McNicol of West Kilbride (View contribution) 230 words Lord Tunnicliffe (View contribution) 221 words Baroness Goudie (View contribution) 213 words Baroness Thomas of Winchester (View contribution) 204 words Baroness Chakrabarti (View contribution) 155 words Lord Ashton of Hyde (View contribution) 120 words Lord Wood of Anfield (View contribution) 100 words Lord Alderdice (View contribution) 21 words
Democratic Unionist Party Jim Shannon (View contribution) 1633 words
Labour (Co-op) Meg Hillier (View contribution) 3562 words Steve Reed (View contribution) 1318 words
Liberal Democrat Tim Farron (View contribution) 1997 words Sarah Olney (View contribution) 1650 words
Plaid Cymru Ben Lake (View contribution) 506 words
Scottish National Party Richard Thomson (View contribution) 477 words