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To bring MPs of all parties together with key leaders - those in local government, the private sector and social enterprise - to help maximise future investment in the region for the benefit of all local communities and economies.

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Recent Documents related to Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire

1. Common basic data set (CBDS): requests for change (RFC) 2021
27/05/2021 - Department for Education
- View source


2. Transparency data: Common basic data set (CBDS): requests for change (RFC) 2019
07/06/2019 - Department for Education
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3. Number of SIA licensed operatives by region
27/11/2020 - Security Industry Authority
- View source

Found: 4609 (pseudo) England (UA/MD/LB) East Riding of Yorkshire 962 (pseudo) England (UA/MD/LB) Enfield 3256 (pseudo)

4. Income and tax by county and region, confidence intervals
02/04/2020 - HM Revenue & Customs
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Found: 50060662163513,40013,50013,70011,60011,80012,000 North Yorkshire 44475018,30019,80021,20010,50011,00011

5. Police super-complaints: force response to police perpetrated domestic abuse
08/09/2020 - HM Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services
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Found: police 5 Northumbria 10 West Yorkshire 25 Lincolnshire 0 Cheshire 5 Merseyside 19

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Recent Speeches related to Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire

1. Patient Transport Services: Northern Lincolnshire
16/01/2018 - Commons Chamber

1: has been providing to my constituents in north Lincolnshire. That concern is shared by other local Members - Speech Link
2: four hours for a journey back to Scarborough or Lincolnshire, in a waiting area with only upright chairs - Speech Link
3: have shared.In fairness to the north Lincolnshire clinical commissioning group, it has, through - Speech Link

2. Hares Preservation
14/05/2019 - Commons Chamber

1: nationally. Police forces in Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire, Humberside and North Yorkshire are working together - Speech Link

3. Yorkshire: Devolution
10/02/2020 - Lords Chamber

1: concerned today about the people of Yorkshire and the flooding that has taken place there—we extend our - Speech Link
2: should be a “One Yorkshire” is now becoming a bit old. From reaching out to Yorkshire and talking to the - Speech Link

4. Devolution: Yorkshire
10/10/2017 - Commons Chamber

1: a particular pleasure to open this debate on Yorkshire devolution with you in the Chair, Madam Deputy - Speech Link
2: leaders. The nine across north Yorkshire, who did sign up to the One Yorkshire deal in principle, are keen - Speech Link
3: name from the 17 that signed up to explore the Yorkshire deal. Some have admitted to me that they have - Speech Link

5. Open Access Rail Services
10/07/2018 - Westminster Hall

1: part that northern Lincolnshire and the Grimsby-Cleethorpes area have to play in the northern powerhouse - Speech Link
2: access services run by Grand Central, which covers Yorkshire and the north-east to London. It is a vital service - Speech Link
3: similar desperately needs to be replicated in northern Lincolnshire.The business community has made its - Speech Link

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Recent Questions related to Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire
1. Agriculture: Lincolnshire
asked by: John Hayes
... what steps his Department is taking to support (a) agriculture and (b) horticulture in Lincolnshire.

2. Roads: Lincolnshire
asked by: Gareth Davies
... how many accidents there were on the Lincolnshire stretch of the A1 since 2015; and how much funding the Government plans to allocate for highways in Lincolnshire to improve road safety in the next 12 months.

3. A1: Lincolnshire
asked by: Greg Knight
... what the timeframe is for the completion of the roadworks and temporary lower speed limit on the A1 south of Grantham; and what steps he has taken to ensure the timely completion of this work.

4. A1: Lincolnshire
asked by: Greg Knight
... for what reason roadworks planned for the A1 near Harlaxton (a) are scheduled to take over 18 months to complete and (b) cannot be completed to a shorter timescale; and what steps he is taking to reduce congestion and delays experienced by motorists using the A1.

5. Devolution: Lincolnshire
asked by: Edward Leigh
... whether he has plans for devolution in Greater Lincolnshire.

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